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This is arguably the most important of our mixes for photoperiod plants: Grow provides your substrate with all the macro and micro nutrients and trace elements that your plant will use through the vegetative stage and beyond. When added to a good, light compost mix, our unique blend of natural ingredients used in 'Grow' will help you cultivate vigorous, healthy and organic plants.

In this blend we have added 18 different species of mycorrhizal fungi to assist with reaching and processing all available nutrients in your substrate. We have also added powdered volcanic rockdust (which contains two thirds of all non-synthetic minerals known to man) to provide heaps of essential trace elements. 

This mix will assist your plant throughout the vegetative stage, ensuring it develops rapidly and without deficiency. For maximum nitrogen we include loads of insect frass, blood meal and alfalfa meal as well as bokashi to further encourage microbial life.

Using this mix from the beginning of the vegetative stage will maximise yield and improve aroma and taste whilst it will also ensure your requirements for additional fertilisers are dramatically reduced.

When setting up their initial mix, many of our customers also like to add some of our Wormcasts.

Key ingredients

  • Mycorrhizal fungi
  • Insect frass
  • Volcanic rockdust
  • Bokashi bran
  • Alfalfa meal

The addition of our other products for the flowering stage - ‘Bloom’ and ‘Bloom2’ - should be all the supplements the plant requires from seedling to harvest.

Nutrient analysis

  • Total Nitrogen (N) .........4.0%
  • Phosphorous (P) …….....6.0%
  • Potassium (K) …………….4.0%

How to use it & dosage

The cook:

Mix 2 tablespoons of Grow per gallon of substrate for soil (double this for coco) - ideally 2 weeks before planting. If already planted up, incorporate it as a top dressing: add it to the top of your growing medium and water in well after application.

After planting:

Soil: Up to 1 tbsp per gallon of substrate every 2 weeks through the vegetative stage. Coco: Double the soil quantity.

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