Feed Charts

We've developed some indicative feeding charts for 20L of substrate below - please note that these are examples only, as each grow will be different depending on strain, plant and grow technique. They should be seen as a starting point.

We use ml/ litre as a measuring method for our products. If using tablespoons, as 1 UK tablespoon is 15ml, just divide the totals provided below by 15.



Photoperiod - coco

Autoflower - coco


In this section we set out a few conversions for you - we work to UK/ Imperial measurements.

Number of spoons in a bag

Bag weights (grams)

Although we do our very best to ensure each bag of product is as standardised as possible, please be aware that they may differ by up to 10% from the above dependent on ingredients received from suppliers and also factors such as temperature, moisture content etc. when bagged).

Product Weights

feed chart for photos  feed chart for autos

 auto feed chart