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About us

Who we are

We’ve been developing our unique recipes for years. Like many organic growers we began by using commercially available bottled products and evolved to use only natural solid fertilisers.

We found that we had to source and blend our own natural ingredients as there weren't any complete organic soil conditioners available that had all the ingredients we wanted without having to purchase numerous packages of single ingredients. Over the years we've tinkered with our mixes and have developed the perfect blend for each stage of the plant's growth. (see Our Products page for more details).

We truly believe that there is nothing on the market that matches ours in terms of producing the happiest plants with the largest yields whilst also being as environmentally friendly as possible.


We're aware that the climate is changing and that each of us has a part to play in limiting our environmental impact and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. We think every company no matter how small should be doing their part - and here at Living Soils we are no exception.


We strive to reduce our impact on the environment as much as we can whilst also running our business. We ensure that all our packaging is 100% plastic free and compostable. We only use recycled paper and board, eco inks & plant based packets and postal stickers. Even our tape is made from natural rubber!

Resource use


We have a 100% renewable electricity contract in place for our office. We use locally sourced timber for heating in place of natural gas wherever we can. All our lighting is high efficiency LED.


We reuse and recycle as much of our waste as possible and compost all of our food waste, plus we shred and compost all our paper waste.

Carbon neutrality

We've reduced our avoidable emissions as much as possible, but in order to run our business, some emissions that are unavoidable: we have therefore taken the decision to measure and offset our unavoidable emissions these through funding the Carbon Neutral Habitat portfolio. Living Soils therefore became a 'carbon neutral' company in November 2019 - see this blog article for more info.

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