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Wormcasts are a brilliant all-natural soil conditioner for your plants: not only do they contain macro nutrients, but they are also abundant in micro nutrients, minerals and trace elements (plus worms refine these to their most plant usable form). We think worm castings are a superfood for garden plants!

Benefits of using this product

What makes worm castings so great? It’s the worm. As it digests organic materials it consumes & refines them.  It has been found that wormcasts contained different supplements and micro-organisms that when used in the correct amounts, complements the surrounding soil.

As wormcasts on their own are slightly alkaline, our Wormcast mix has been enriched with a small amount of peat-free ericaceous compost (to reduce the ph) as well as bone meal and wheat bran to increase phosphorous levels for your plant.

This is a general purpose, organic additive: It can be blended with your substrate when potting up or used as a top dressing at the vegetative or flowering stages of your plant’s life.

Unlike most commercially available worm casts, ours have not been processed in any way and are therefore a 'live' product - we cannot rule out the possibility that your pack could contain small live worms.

Nutrient analysis

  • Total Nitrogen (N) ......2%
  • Phosphorous (P) ........2%
  • Potassium (K) ............3%

How to use it

Use it as a top dressing: add it to the top of your growing medium and water in well after application.


Soil: Up to 2 tbsp per gallon of substrate as additional nutrients & humus in vegetative or flowering stage. Coco: Double the soil quantity.

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