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Worm castings are a brilliant all-natural dry amendment soil conditioner: not only do they contain macro nutrients, but they are also abundant in micro nutrients, minerals and trace elements (plus worms refine these to their most plant usable form).

The casts in our Wormcasts mix have been enriched with a small amount of peat-free ericaceous compost to reduce the pH, as well as bone meal and wheat bran to naturally increase phosphorous levels.

Benefits of using this product

This is a general purpose, organic dry amendment: it can be blended with your substrate when doing your initial mix, or used as a top dressing at the vegetative or flowering stages of your plant’s life.

Pest control

The casts in this mix have been slowly air dried to limit the potential for there to be any fungus gnats or other malicious pests present. Additionally, we now add in beneficial nematodes to further reduce the risk of their being any pest larvae in the product.

The nematodes are not only to help ensure that our product is pest free - these microscopic, non-segmented worms destroy more than 200 types of malicious insect larvae that could mature in your substrate including fungus gnats, mushroom flies, root aphids, fruit flies, flea beetles, saw flies, and fruit flies, so... when our casts are added,  the nematodes will spread, massively assisting with pest control.

These added nematodes do not prey on ladybirds, earthworms or most other beneficial insects. They are harmless to plants and humans as is the bacterium they produce.

Nutrient analysis

  • Nitrogen: 1
  • Phosphorous: 2
  • Potassium: 0

    How to use it

    Use it as a top dressing: add it to the top of your growing medium and water in well after application. Also use in your initial mix.

    When growing in coco it is recommended that Wormcasts are added as it increases the humus and calcium levels and reduces the requirement for cal mag additives.

    Many customers also add our Wormcasts along with some Rockdust as this boosts the mineral content of the substrate.


    Soil: Up to 6ml/ litre of substrate (2 tbsp/ gallon) as additional nutrients & humus in vegetative or flowering stage. Coco: Double the soil quantity.

    For an indicative feeding chart showing how to use this product using a 20L pot, see our feeding page.

    Chemical analysis


    [Please note: unfortunately our 5L bags are the only items in our range that are not compostable: we cannot find a compostable bag that is big enough - as soon as we can, we will use it].

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