Pre-Mixed Living Soil: Veg
Pre-Mixed Living Soil: Veg
Pre-Mixed Living Soil: Veg
Pre-Mixed Living Soil: Veg
Pre-Mixed Living Soil: Veg

Pre-Mixed Living Soil: Veg

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This is our very own soil mix for the veg stage of a photoperiod plants life: it's pre charged with an array of all necessary organic dry amendments to ensure successful, vigorous vegetative growth for photoperiod plants.

The soil has been developed, mixed and balanced out at Living Soils HQ and like all our products it's completely peat free, and all packaging is 100% compostable.

It has been treated with a bacteria that specifically targets gnat larvae to significantly reduce the likelihood of their being any fungus gnats or (other similar dipterans) that may harm your plants.


  • A premium potting mix pre-charged with our premium amendments.

  • High porosity and moisture retention for an optimal root environment.

  • Biologically active to ensure high nutrient availability.

How to use this product

When you receive our veg soil, simply place in a pot and water: it contains enough feed to last a minimum of 6 weeks of vegetative growth. If needing to veg for longer than this, top dress with Grow at a rate of 2-4 ml/ litre of substrate (1 tbsp/ gallon) every 2 weeks.

In flower, we suggest it is top dressed with Bloom when switching to 12/12 (or the very first signs of flower if growing outside) & then use Bloom2 post-stretch as per the feeding schedule for photoperiod plants.

In terms of watering, you want to keep the substrate moist with minimal runoff. Watering 'little and often' is recommended. A pH in the range of 6 to 7 of dechlorinated/ rain water is ideal.

A cover crop is also a great way to protect the soil and offers numerous advantages for your plant. Have a look at our new ultimate cover crop mix.

Key ingredients

Premium quality UK wormcasts, peat free compost, lava rock, coco coir, seaweed meal, EM1 infused bokashi bran, Azomite®, Neem meal, malted Barley powder, Mycorrhizal fungi, Alfalfa meal, Mealworm & BSF frass, Wheat bran.


This product should be kept in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight with temperatures between 5-20oC. It will remain active for 12 months. If storing for more than 1 week from date of receipt, we strongly suggest the contents are placed in a pot as the packaging will lose integrity over time.


Once a grow is finished, our soil can be reused - simply cut the old plant at the soil level and re-amend with a full dose of Grow, Wormcasts, Neem and Rockdust and some peat free ericaceous compost or coco if more organic matter is needed. Then water until 5% runoff and ensure there are no dry patches, leave for 10 days and you are good to go!


In the UK we use a 1-2 working day service.

For customers in EU countries we use a 3-10 day standard shipping service that includes all customs duties.

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