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Pre-Mixed Living Soil: Veg
Pre-Mixed Living Soil: Veg
Pre Mixed Living Soil: Veg product
Pre Mixed Living Soil: Veg product

Pre-Mixed Living Soil: Veg

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This is our very own soil mix for the veg stage of a photoperiod plants life: it's pre charged with an array of all necessary organic dry amendments to ensure successful, vigorous vegetative growth for photoperiod plants.

The soil has been developed, mixed and balanced out at Living Soils HQ and like all our products it's completely peat free, and all packaging is 100% compostable.

It has been treated with a bacteria that specifically targets gnat larvae to significantly reduce the likelihood of their being any fungus gnats or (other similar dipterans) that may harm your plants.


  • A premium potting mix pre-charged with our premium amendments.

  • High porosity and moisture retention for an optimal root environment.

  • Biologically active to ensure high nutrient availability.

How to use this product

When you receive our veg soil, simply place in a pot and water lightly: it contains enough feed to last a minimum of 6 weeks of vegetative growth. If needing to veg for longer than this, top dress with Grow at a rate of 2-4 ml/ litre of substrate (1 tbsp/ gallon) every 2 weeks.

In flower, we suggest it is top dressed every 2 weeks (bi-weekly) with Reaper when switching to 12/12 (or the very first signs of flower if growing outside).

We recommend using a Cover Crop or our Moist Mulch for the top of your pot as this will protect the soil from drying out, protecting it from heat and bright light and therefore encouraging microbial life.

Germinating a seed in the mix

Although it's possible to germinate a seed in our mix, it may be slightly too hot for it initially; best results are achieved by making a 'nest' of coco and letting it grow through this gradually into the slightly hotter mix.


Because of their unique mix our soils retain a lot of water so the greatest threat to those not used to them is over-watering: we recommend that initially you water the whole surface of the pot a tiny amount but giving the area around the seedling a little more - then, when the plant is a little bigger, water the entire substrate fully, aiming for zero runoff, so water 'little and often'. If possible, use dechlorinated water.

Key ingredients

Premium quality UK wormcasts, peat free compost, lava rock, horticultural grit, coco coir, seaweed meal, EM1 infused bokashi bran, Azomite®, Neem meal, malted Barley powder, Mycorrhizal fungi, Alfalfa meal, Mealworm & BSF frass, Wheat bran.


This product should be kept in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight with temperatures between 5-20oC. It will remain active for 12 months. If storing for more than 1 week from date of receipt, we strongly suggest the contents are placed in a pot as the packaging will lose integrity over time.


Once a grow is finished, our soil can be reused - simply cut the old plant at soil level and re-amend with a full dose of GrowWormcasts and ReaperThen water until 5% runoff to ensure there are no dry patches, cover and leave somewhere warm for a minimum of 10 days and you are good to go!

Pot size

We recommend using at least a 15l (3 gallon) pot for this soil to allow maximum nutrient cycling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Root candy😎

Got a packet of root candy free with my last purchase,as I'm gonna try doing teas this run,my girls are looking great so it must be working wonders in those pots,thanks very much for the freebie guys,hppe yous got a cuppa with my tip,yes people you heard right,you can buy the guys a coffee,god knows they deserve it🤟😎🤟🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Cali green
Best iof thé best

Le titre veut tout dire, ces fertilisants livingsoil sont juste incroyable améliorer avec quelques TCA 💦💧 vos cultures seront explosives et niveau arômes et odeurs mon dieu bénissez moi mon seigneur 🙏
Je ne changerai plus et suis ravi d'avoir fait découvrir ça dans mes groupes de culture 😎👌

Plants love it!

There is no need to write long about this product, just magical soil. It's too warm for direct planting but just use a jiffy plug and you'll only have to use water throughout the growing season, enjoying the health of your plants. When you keep the quality, you have a lifetime customer. I recommend best products on the market!!!

Top job

I contacted buildasoil out of Canada,I watch Jeremy's video on YouTube,guys a fountain of information and dos some first class grows on his channel,but alas they don't ship to the UK,I was on Amazon n found you guys,now Amazon can take a back seat,first class service and a first class product,what's not to like,a great product for all growers but especially for first time growers who aren't to up on the soil food web just yet,well done on getting your soil mixes down,I'll be sure to take a few bags soon as my current plants have finished their cycle,enough ass lickin😂😂keep up the great work,your what this community was lacking✌️😎✌️

Luke Dickens
Best soil on the UK/ european market

You will not find a more diverse and suitable pre cooked soil for growing with a true living organics method/ living soil cultivation technique. The soils sold here are biologically active and the substrate is mixed with all the essential microbial and fungal catalysts to create a true living medium from the get go. All you need to add is some organic bloom and some composting worms and some microbe tea and let it sit a few extra weeks and its essentially going to re amend itself over and over and become better and better. It is also very loamy. These folks know what they are doing and its about time the uk market saw something like this. These guys have innovated on a massive gap in the uk market. Really great people and they also sent me a free bag of auto soil to test out. A solid company with a real soil. Unlike biobizz ect using chelated organic compounds thar lock out nutrients and cause microbial stunting. These people are the real deal. And i hope to see some more elaborate soils come along in the future. I mean come on its already loaded with endo myco fungi ...cannot go wrong. Hats off guys. Respect