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We have created what we think is the ultimate cover crop seed blend, ideal for using with our pre mixed soils.

Our unique mix contains 8 different plant species, each with its own distinct benefits:

  • Cereals & grains

Rye, barley & black oats to help build up biomass and break up soil compaction with their large root mass and aerate the soil leading to better water distribution. 

  • Legumes

Red clover and vetch both fix nitrogen in the soil that the plants can take up.

  • Broadleaf plants

Buckwheat & phacelia as they are quick germinators, help protect the soil and suppress weeds.

(To maximise diversity, we also include a small amount of ryegrass.)

Benefits of a cover crop

Cover crops are recommended to use as part of a living soil system, basically replicating the soil food web in an indoor environment, diversifying microbial populations in your soil, encouraging them to form beneficial symbioses with your main plant.

Additionally, they 'cover' your exposed substrate from strong light & heat reducing evaporation and their roots assist by finding nutrients, when chopped the clippings form a nutritious mulch.

For a more in depth discussion of the benefits of a cover crop, see our blog post.

How to use it

Our cover crop mix should ideally be planted at the same time or shortly after your main plant. When sown, the seeds should be covered with a thin layer of soil.

We recommend using 15-20g per 20L pot. The pack should be turned upside down and shaken before use to ensure the smaller seeds are equally mixed with the larger ones.

When your cover crop reaches around 10cm from the soil level, new growth should be cut and added to your mulch layer where the nutrients will be broken down, improving your soil structure and feeding your main plant.