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Bloom AUTO
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Bloom AUTO
Bloom AUTO
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Bloom AUTO

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As with Grow AUTO this blend has been specifically developed for auto plant varieties. It contains pretty much all ingredients contained in our Bloom blends, but is different in the following important ways, it's:

  • ‘Milder’ – as these strains don’t require much Nitrogen-rich nutrition, especially during flowering stage.
  • Good for both the stretch and post-stretch stage of the plant’s growth (so you shouldn’t need anything else – except maybe a bit of our Malted Barley Powder to feed the enzymes).

As with our standard Bloom products, the phosphorous and potassium have been maximised via incorporating seaweed meal, bat guano, wheat bran and mined potassium sulphate, but this one has minimal amounts of bone meal.

In this mix we’ve added a small amount of dolomite lime for additional calcium and magnesium plus diatomite to provide more silicon in your substrate to enhance K, P and Ca uptake and further improve yields.

Bloom AUTO is particularly effective in organic cultivation for auto strains when Grow AUTO has been used in the vegetative stage: this should provide all macro and micro nutrients as well as trace elements.

In order to feed the enzymes in your substrate and ensure maximum nutrient uptake, we also suggest mixing Bloom AUTO with Malted Barley Powder during flower.

Key ingredients

Organic Bat guano, Organic Scottish Seaweed, sterilised Bone meal, mined Sulphate of potash, Dolomite Lime, Diatomaceous earth.

Nutrient analysis

  • Total Nitrogen (N) ........1.0%
  • Phosphorous (P) ……....5.0%
  • Potassium (K) ……………8.0%

How to use it

Incorporate as a top dressing when your plant first starts flowering to maximise available P & K. Add it to the top of your growing media and water in well after application.

Suggested dosage

Soil: 2-3 ml per litre (or up to 1 tbsp per gallon) of soil every week through the flowering period. Do not use within 2 weeks of harvest. Coco: Double the soil quantity.

For an indicative feeding chart showing how to use this product using a 20L pot, see our feeding page.

Chemical analysis

[Please note: unfortunately our 5L bags are the only items in our range that are not compostable: we cannot find a compostable bag that is big enough - as soon as we can, we will use it].

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