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Malted Barley Powder
Malted Barley Powder
Malted Barley Powder
Malted Barley Powder

Malted Barley Powder

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Malted barley powder is barley that has been sprouted and then dried and powdered. The malted barley we use is certified organic and is sourced from the UK.

It is chock full of beneficial enzymes such as phosphatase, chitinase, urease, protease and amylase. These enzymes act as catalysts in your soil, helping microbes break matter down into nutrients your plant can use.

One of the main benefits of using MBP is that it enables plants to finish 15 to 20% faster than those without. Additionally, far less support is required in late flower as a result of the plant’s increased tensile strength.

Using MBP as a soil amendment has long been championed by the famous Clackamas Coot and it is one of his recommended ingredients in his soil mix.

Our MBP is ground to order so will be as fresh as possible when delivered to your door.

Benefits of using this product

  • Growers have reported up to a 20% faster flowering finish
  • Contains naturally occurring growth regulating hormones and defence triggering hormones

How to use it 

Use it as a top dressing: add it to the top of your growing medium and water in well after application.

[Note: This needs to be thoroughly mixed with the top centimetre of substrate as otherwise will form a hard crust.]

Suggested dosage

For top dressing, apply 1 tbsp per gallon of substrate every week from mid flower.

[It is especially beneficial if mixed with Bloom2 to maximise flower development & prevent substrate forming hard crust].