New Releases: Grow & Bloom AUTO

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new Auto range which comprises of Grow AUTO & Bloom AUTO.

We're not 100% sure, but these may be the first organic dry amendments developed specifically for auto plants in the UK market. 

We started developing these last year as, although our 'standard' Grow and Bloom can be used together for auto plants, the recipe in these has been improved to make them milder (so less likely to burn plants with a lower nutrient demand) but also in Grow Auto, some of the key flowering macronutrients, Phosphorus and Potassium, are immediately available, as the vegetative stage for a standard auto is minimal.

We have also released an auto specific feeding regime to allow customers to see how and when they should be used.

From the trials, the results are really impressive!


  • Beautifully airy I was having problems with bottled nutes and ph levels so new my next attempt would be a living soil then I faced the dreaded half pot full of this then some of that then the other to balance the needs for an autoflower thankfully this has been done I have 40l of premixed soil in a 15gal fabric pot and about 5l of light mix just to buffer the delicate seedlings must admit my cover crop has taken off and both seeds popped so time will tel so far I’m impressed and will defo use livingnsoils products from hear onwards

  • This is my first time using the auto range and up to now my plants are really healthy and vigorously growing. Very happy with the products as far and will continue to purchase these products as saving me a lot of time and effort mixing bottle nutrients, will update results at the end of this grow. Thank you very much for making the auto range!!!!!

  • Great product

    Darren McDonald
  • Great stuff,knew from the start it was gonna be great stuff because of the ingredients.
    Glad to have found these guys thanks to my friend !

    Darren McDonald
  • Il be ordering some of the auto variety next time round ive had great results so far with the normal grow,bloom and bloom 2 so it’ll be cool to see what like bigup cheers


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