Introducing our new mix: Reaper!!

We are delighted to announce our long awaited 'all in one' flower mix: Reaper!!

Living Soils Reaper

Reaper is a very special amendment for those who want to apply one mix to their living soil through the whole of flower, complete with a massively diverse range of ingredients and the inclusion of all of our beneficials.

It's the perfect choice for beginner growers who want an easy grow, with all beneficials already added in flower. It's also been a massive hit with our larger customers who don't want to add individual top dresses to multiple plants in flower: as it's so powerful, unlike our other flower mixes, you only need to top dress every other week.

Another huge benefit is that, due to the huge range of beneficials and trace elements, when mixed with Grow, it's an ideal amendment to 'recharge' used soil or coco for subsequent runs.

As some of you will know, developing this mix has taken us a very long time - we've tested this product extensively to make sure that all the ingredients (listed below) work in perfect harmony with your soil and provide maximum benefit to your plant:

Organic Bat guano, Organic Scottish Seaweed, sterilised Bone meal, mined Sulphate of potash, Molasses, Dolomite lime, Organic Malted Barley Powder, Organic Neem meal, Mealworm & BSF Frass, Rockdust, Azomite®, Palm Tree ash, MycoBoost (mycorrizal fungi & plant beneficial bacteria).

Living Soils Reaper

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