The cost of using Living Soils products vs. bottled nutes

We've been doing some number crunching!

We were working out the cost difference of using a leading brand of organic bottled nutrients compared to our products.

To try and make this as fair as possible we have used 5 products for each company (so we exclude some of the leading brand's products).

The vegetative period used is 6 weeks = the same for each. We have used a 10L pot size and the bottled nutrient company's smallest bottles (500ml) and our smallest bags (400ml). In both cases shipping cost is excluded. The results are below:

Total cost to buy all products

- Living Soils: £28.95

- Bottled nutes: £69.25 (although they do offer a bundle at £62 (but this includes some tiny bottles).

Result: to buy all nutrients required for a grow, our products work out as 60% cheaper compared to a leading organic bottled nutrient company.

The total cost/ plant

- Living Soils: £7.94

- Bottled nutes: £16.59

Result: per plant, our products work out at less than half the price vs. a leading organic bottled nutrient company.

So, not only do we think that our products achieve better results, they also work out at less than half the cost!

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