Pre Mixed Living Soil: Auto
Pre-Mixed Living Soil: AUTO
Pre-Mixed Living Soil: AUTO
Pre-Mixed Living Soil: AUTO
Pre-Mixed Living Soil: AUTO

Pre-Mixed Living Soil: AUTO

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Growing an AUTO has never been simpler: this soil has been balanced out and mixed multiple times, so just place your soil in a pot, add the coco plug, plant your seed and water it lightly and you are good to go!

Our AUTO soil mix has been developed specifically for autoflower plants - there's nothing on the market quite like it! It's handmade by ourselves at Living Soils HQ using a bespoke mix of peat-free substrates and our own premium organic dry amendments.

It has been developed to ensure rapid, deficiency-free vegetative growth and frosty, aromatic flowers and is so simple to use: it's completely peat free, and all packaging is 100% compostable.

It's been treated with nematodes & bacteria that specifically targets dipteran larvae to significantly reduce the likelihood of their being any fungus gnats present (as these may harm your plant).


  • Incredibly simple to use & great results!
  • A premium potting mix pre-charged with auto-specific amendments.
  • Extra high porosity and moisture retention for an optimal root environment
  • Biologically active to ensure high nutrient availability.

How to use this product

Our AUTO soil contains enough feed to last 2/3 weeks of vegetative growth and 6-8 weeks of flower. For the largest flowers, we recommend top dressing lightly with Bloom AUTO and Barley from week 4 onwards at a rate of 2-4 ml/ litre of soil (1 tbsp/ gallon) every week until 2 weeks before harvest.

We recommend using a Cover Crop or our Moist Mulch for the top of your pot as this will protect the soil from drying out, protecting it from heat and bright light and therefore encouraging your microbial life to thrive.

Germinating a seed in the mix

As our AUTO mix may be slightly too hot for germinating a seed straight in initially, we provide a free coco plug with every 20L bag: this allows the seedling to have a soft start: it will grow through the coco, so the roots gradually become accustomed to the mix.

The plug is completely biodegradable so all you have to do is make a small space in the middle of your pot of soil, place the plug in it, slowly cover the plug with water and watch the coir expand. When fully expanded, you are good to plant your seed in.


Because of our soils' unique mix, they retain a lot of water so the greatest risk for  those not used to using them is over-watering: we recommend that initially you water the whole surface of the pot a tiny amount but giving the area around the seedling a little more - then, when the plant is a little bigger, water the entire substrate fully aiming for no runoff, so water 'little and often', keeping substrate the moist. If possible, use dechlorinated water.

Key ingredients

Premium quality UK wormcasts, peat free compost, lava rock, horticultural grit, coco coir, EM1 infused bokashi bran, Azomite®, Neem meal, malted Barley powder, Mycorrhizal fungi, Organic Bat guano, Organic Scottish Seaweed, mined Sulphate of potash, Dolomite Lime.


This product should be kept in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight with temperatures between 5-20oC. It will remain active for 12 months.

If storing for more than 1 week from date of receipt, we strongly suggest the contents are placed in a pot as the packaging will lose integrity over time.


Once a grow is finished, our soil can be reused - simply cut the old plant at soil level and re-amend with a full dose of Grow AUTO, Wormcasts and RockdustThen water until 5% runoff to ensure there are no dry patches, cover and leave somewhere warm for a minimum of 10 days and you are good to go!

Pot size

We recommend using at least a 15l (3 gallon) pot for this soil to allow sufficient nutrient cycling.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
The Best

Been using this from the day it wwas announced a few years back and every run I’ve had has been hassle free and the results are always superb. Combined with the Barley and Bloom top dress my flowers always are the top shelf and continue to impress. Gone are the days of liquid nutes and all that goes with it. Do yourself a favour and try this and you won’t go back. Yes de LS team, so grateful you’re UK based and ahead of the game with growing. Nice one!

Great find!

Does exactly what is stated! Only weeks in so far but I have zero issues upto now. Definitely will be reordering 👍

Buy this!

From start to just about to finish, the plant never lost neutrition. I am about 11 months into this "hobby" and although it sounds long. it was basically 2 ruined grows. I even managed to overfeed using organic nutes. I thought I'd try this soil. I hoped it was as easy as just water it. It is!!! I'm not saying this will guarantee you a perfect grow. There is much more as you know with other aspects of the grow that require attention too. Withough going into it too much ;-) What this has done has taken the most difficult bit out whilst I can learn the rest further. I put my faith in it that all I needed to do was water, i did top dress with the bloom auto and barly though. The ability to not panic at the slightest leaf colour change was bliss and I can now see the stages of the plant and the leaf changes as it gets older. I now know not to worry about yellowing of the leaves at the end nutrition wise. The cost is pretty amazing too. I spent more than this on Old Timers Organic feed and still needed to buy substrate, oh yea and still overfed. I'm about to purchase the recharge for the final "chop". For beginners this will certainly take so much of the unknown out of it. I'm sure there are those that love the nutrition dosing and one day I hope to get there. But it's going to be hard for me to use anything else now. A triumph for this company and your skills are greatly apprecaited! So, if you are wondering, BUY IT!

Will am urr
First class company

I'm using the photoperiod for the second time,half way through flower and my girls are looking beautiful,scent is mesmerising,when I was looking for a line I found Jeremy Silva at buildasoil,alass they don't ship as the cost would be astronomical,one day on Amazon I found you guys,so glad I did,I wasn't getting the results with bottle stuff,I was doing more harm than good,organics the way to go,natural for the win,✌️😎✌️

Love it!

Loving the soil and nutrients! I have found it to be too hot for seedlings. (Killed two of mine) so transplant INTO this soil is recommended personally. Other than that I’ve seen a massive improvement in growth coming from bio bizz soil to this