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Growing mediums

In order for your plants to grow and thrive they need a good mix of both water and oxygen at the roots at all times: too much water and the roots can't get enough oxygen but if there's not enough water they can be injured from drying out too quickly. What gets the best results for growing your plant is a soil with a light texture that is good at retaining water - but not too much!

(What also really helps with getting oxygen to the roots of your plants is using a breathable pot (see here for our page explaining the benefits of these compared to standard plastic pots).)

It’s important to note that there should be absolutely no "time release" chemical nutrients in the soil – these types of soil slowly release nutrients over the course of months, which provides too much nitrogen in the flowering stage and could impair overall bud growth.

Ideal growing medium

Buying from a garden centre

Depending on where you live, you’ll have a different experience finding a quality soil mix that fits your needs. Generally speaking, our advice is to visit your local nursery or grow store and talk to the experts - if you’re shy about mentioning your particular plant type, ask for a rich soil suitable for tomatoes which thrive in similar soil.

Our products should be added to a light soil (I.e one that is not heavily pre-fertilised) as you want maximum control of fertilisation levels using our organic inputs. Also you don’t want the initial mix to be too ‘hot’ for seedlings to settle into.

If at all possible, we would recommend mixing your own base soil using peat free ericaceous compost, perlite and a few worm castings for instance, or just using coco, but if you would prefer to purchase ready made soil mixes, below are a few good options:

Plagron Promix

No nutrients have been added to Promix, only Plagron worm castings. The worm castings stimulate the growth of soil organisms and activate the organic fertilisers which have to be added as from the first day. This makes Promix the perfect potting soil to fertilise organically according to your own judgement and choices.

Plagron Lightmix

The addition of various types of fibre and perlite results in a lightness and oxygen level found only in Plagron quality substrates. Only a minimal amount of nutrients have been added to Lightmix. 

Biobizz Light-Mix

BioBizz Light-Mix is an ideal potting soil for organic gardeners who want to have control over the growing process through the application of dry amendments. With a low dose of fertiliser, it ensures a fast development of roots and vigorous new growth. The soil composition is ideal for optimum drainage throughout the medium, which is essential for usage with automatic watering systems.

Canna Terra Seed Mix

Many potting soils come pre-fertilised to levels that are often too high for younger plants, causing over-feeding issues and stunting growth. Seed Mix is much gentler and won't burn young plants! You can then have complete control over fertilisation levels, administering nutrients as and when you need them.

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