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MycoBoost is a unique blend of mycorrhizal fungi, plant beneficial bacteria, humic, fulvic and amino acids and natural growth stimulants. Plants love the stuff!

Its designed to boost microbial activity and provide secondary macronutrients (including calcium and magnesium) plus valuable trace elements to your substrate.

It compliments all our other products and can be used at any stage of the plant’s lifecycle but has been found to be particularly useful in flower alongside Bloom, Bloom2 (or Bloom AUTO) and Barley as a result of the increased phosphorous uptake and when growing in coco for an additional cal mag top up.

Key ingredients

Mycorrhizal fungi, plant-beneficial Bacteria, Humic, fulvic & amino acids, Volcanic rockdust, Gypsum and Seaweed.


    • Reduces transplant shock,
    • Provides a valuable source of plant-available calcium & magnesium,
    • Improves nutrient absorption, especially phosphorous,
    • Aids pH stabilisation & absorbs excess sodium,
    • Contributes a huge array of enzymes, micro-nutrients, vitamins, alginates and other bio stimulants,
    • Tops up beneficial mycorrhizal fungi & bacteria.

Suggested dosage

For top dressing, apply up to 1 teaspoon per gallon of substrate weekly through your plant’s lifetime or during flower only. Add it to the top of your growing medium and water in well after application.

For foliar spray (not recommended in flower), mix 1 teaspoon with 1L of water, mix thoroughly then spray on plant or pour over top of substrate.