Offsetting Our Packages

As a company, we are already carbon neutral, (and therefore offset all our transport and package shipping emissions) but wanted to go further than this to support a specific project close to our hearts.

We chose to partner with Pachama, a really innovative company offering a selection of carbon offsetting projects in the Amazon rainforest, using their methodology whereby shipping each package we sell has an estimated carbon factor, and at the end of the month, we pay for all carbon emissions. When you purchase anything direct from our store, you will also be helping to preserve a part of the Amazon rainforest. 

Project details

The project we chose is Jari Pará, an avoided deforestation project, which preserves 50,480 hectares of primarily virgin Amazon forest. The project aims to promote forest conservation and reduce potential greenhouse gas emissions whilst at the same time, it emphasises the importance of local economic development.

Over the project’s 30-year lifetime, it is expected to sequester nearly 15 tonnes of carbon emissions. Importantly, to prevent illegal deforestation, the project has pledged extensive surveillance and monitoring. 


The project provides habitat to at least 2070 species of animal (133 of which are endangered), including the inquisitive squirrel monkey (below) and at least 340 species of plants (54 of which are endangered). Given the project’s location, it forms an important ecological corridor with surrounding Conservation Units. Jari Pará also provides direct benefits to the hundreds of rural families whose livelihoods depend on the forest.

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