Pre Mixed Living Soil: Auto
Pre Mixed Living Soil: AUTO
Pre Mixed Living Soil: AUTO
Pre Mixed Living Soil: AUTO
Pre-Mixed Living Soil: AUTO

Pre-Mixed Living Soil: AUTO

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This unique soil mix has been developed specifically for AUTO's - there's nothing on the market quite like it!: it's handmade by ourselves at Living Soils HQ using a bespoke mix of peat-free substrates and our premium organic dry amendments.

Growing an AUTO has never been simpler: this soil has been balanced out and mixed multiple times, so just place your soil in a pot, plant your seed and water it lightly.

This AUTO soil has been developed to ensure rapid, deficiency-free vegetative growth and frosty, aromatic flowers and is so simple to use: it's completely peat free, and all packaging is 100% compostable.

It has been treated with a bacteria that specifically targets dipteran larvae to significantly reduce the likelihood of their being any fungus gnats present as these may harm your plant.


  • A premium potting mix pre-charged with our premium auto amendments.

  • Extra high porosity and moisture retention for an optimal root environment.

  • Biologically active to ensure high nutrient availability.

How to use this product

Our AUTO soil contains enough feed to last 2/3 weeks of vegetative growth and 6-8 weeks of flower. For the largest flowers, we recommend top dressing with Bloom AUTO and Barley from week 4 onwards at a rate of 2-4 ml/ litre of substrate (1 tbsp/ gallon) every week until 2 weeks before harvest.

We recommend using a cover crop with our soils - its a great way to protect the soil from heat and bright light and offers numerous advantages for your plant. Have a look at our new cover crop mix for more info.


Initially water a little around the main plant only - then, when its a little bigger, you want to keep the substrate lightly watered with minimal runoff so water 'little and often' but do not overwater! Use dechlorinated water with a pH in the range of 6 - 7. 

Key ingredients

Premium quality UK wormcasts, peat free compost, lava rock, coco coir, EM1 infused bokashi bran, Azomite®, Neem meal, malted Barley powder, Mycorrhizal fungi, Organic Bat guano, Organic Scottish Seaweed, mined Sulphate of potash, Dolomite Lime.


This product should be kept in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight with temperatures between 5-20oC. It will remain active for 12 months. If storing for more than 1 week from date of receipt, we strongly suggest the contents are placed in a pot as the packaging will lose integrity over time.


Once a grow is finished, our soil can be reused - simply cut the old plant at soil level and re-amend with a full dose of Grow AUTO, Wormcasts and ReaperThen water until 5% runoff to ensure there are no dry patches, cover and leave somewhere warm for a minimum of 10 days and you are good to go!


In the UK we use a 1-2 working day service.

For customers in EU countries we use a 3-10 working day standard shipping service that includes all customs duties.

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